June 19, 2009

Brasil dentro de mim...Eu dentro do Brasil

Brazil flows in my blood...all the time... even when i'm far...

A Brazilian rhythm beats in my heart, always...

And when i arrive here, in this land of love, passion, hope, faith, struggle, beauty, and abundant affection and warmth, my heart sings and my veins throb with the passion of being alive... For that's what Brazil is for me. Living without repression, feeling without thinking, expressing without fear. Touching hearts. Being touched. Being overwhelmed.

As the Italian photographer Alex Magoli so rightly said, "People go to psychologists, I go to Brazil..."

Because Brazil has this incredible ability to heal... to restore... to revive... to give... to be...
It's where you find beauty in pain, music in melancholy, warmth in strangers, passion in every moment. Where every pore of your being overflows with an abundance of affection showered on you.

Hearing the musical lilt of Brazilian Portuguese all the time gives me a high. Being hugged and kissed by everyone gives my soul reason to smile.

All the women i know here call me their sister, not friend. All the men i know, despite their love, do not call me their sister. Just as well!!

Of course i was Brazilian in a past life.... porque nada posso explicar esta paixão, este amor, este sentimento, esta conexão forte, esta obseção louca pra esta terra maravilhosa.

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